Fast, unbranded waitlists for developers

Create simple waitlists for your app or website in minutes. Build your launchpad with unlimited subscribers, built-in analytics and referral tracking. No credit card required.

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Unlimited waitlists

Create as many waitlists as you want.

Unlimited subscribers

Grow your waitlist without limits.

No branding

No pesky branding on your waitlist.

Collect personal information

Collect various information from your subscribers.


Track your waitlist growth with our built-in analytics.


Access your waitlist data via our API.

Support via Email and Twitter

Get help from our team via email and Twitter.

Referral tracking

Every subscribers get their own referral link, so you can track your virality.

Import subscribers from CSV

Migrate your subscribers from other services.

Automatic disposable email detection

Prevent subscribers from using disposable email addresses.


Trigger webhooks when subscribers join your waitlist.

Automated emailsPro

Automagic emails to your subscribers and referrers when they join your waitlist.

Priority supportPro

Get priority support from our team.

Export subscribers to CSVPro

Export your waitlist subscribers to a CSV file.

Custom metadataPro

Collect custom metadata from your subscribers (10 keys max).

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